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Gallery 3

This page contains photographs taken between 2007 and 2009.

Please click on any picture to download a larger image.

Under the wheel by night

→ Routemaster Express, the London Eye, December 2009
On the sunny airfield

← Open Platform Routemaster and Exhibition Bus, North Weald, July 2009
Half and Half

→ Open Platform Routemasters, Chelsea Old Church, July 2009
Passing with guests on board

← Open Platform Routemaster, Balham, May 2008
Dusk with deep blue sky

→ Open Platform Routemasters, Oakley Street, Chelsea, November 2007
Bus entrance beside flame torches

← Open Platform Routemaster, Honourable Artillery Company, City Road, November 2007
Night lights in urban towers

→ Open Platform Routemasters, Canary Wharf, November 2007
Iconic Wembley arch overhead

← Open Platform Routemaster, Wembley Stadium, September 2007
Classic motors await

→ Routemaster Express (front), Middle Temple, Tudor Street, City of London, June 2007
Panorama with aeroplane

← Two Routemasters, Syon House, Middlesex, June 2007
Duo of double deckers

→ Open Platform Routemasters, Westminster Abbey, May 2007
Regal Four with blossom

← Regal Four, Purley, Surrey, April 2007
Two Wedding Specials

→ Open Platform Routemasters, Victoria and Albert Museum, April 2007
Bus pictured in snow

← Open Platform Routemaster, High Barnet, February 2007
Bus pictured with snowballs

→ Open Platform Routemaster, East Barnet, February 2007
Bus with wedding car

← Regal Four, Grim's Dyke Hotel, Harrow Weald, February 2007

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