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Regal Four

Nearside three quarter view

This classic single decker has a unique character amongst our fleet. Our Regal Four evokes nostalgia and the atmosphere of the fifties, even for those who did not experience the era. She is also just like the famous children's book character, "Bertie".

Featuring a fully restored interior, with ivory and dark green colouring, she has leather seat edging, new moquette upholstery, and varnished wooden planking on the floor. Automatic doors are fitted at the front to keep out draughts. There is a public address system, allowing comfortable announcements from group leaders or guided tours. Seating up to 39 people, she is well suited to smaller parties. Being a single decker, her access is rarely limited by low tree branches, which can be a problem for double deckers in country areas.

Wishing you a pleasant journey!

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Entrance door with wedding flowers Interior, rear area Interior, front area

The Regal Four's curvaceous shape was the work of Douglas Scott, a well known industrial designer. On the strength of this success, he was then hired to design the famous Routemaster bus shortly afterwards. Our Regal Four was built with a body by Metro-Cammell and a chassis by AEC. Numbered RF 491, she entered service with London Transport in 1953.

→ Further historical information on this bus is available on our History Fact Sheet (PDF document).